It's a WHAT!!!!!

Check back to watch this site develop as a source of information concerning the Chevrolet Vega.

Keep checking back as I update  the restoration photos of my 1974 Vega Hatchback.

Been working for 80 hours to remove the upper starter bolt (not supposed to be there in the first place).

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Will be Listed FOR SALE in the 


Edition of Hemmings

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No, I still won't part out, or take $2,500.00 for the rebuilt engine or $1,000.00 for the NOS fender. 

Over  $14,000.00
parts that have been purchased over 15 years, so now you don't have to travel or spend hours on E-Bay, and pay $$$ for shipping. Just start the restoration. 

I have purchased some interesting and needed parts for the Vega restoration, and there is not much more to get.  

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